Growth in Bacteria
  1. Bacterial Resistance(s): Chloramphenicol and Kanamycin
  2. Growth Temperature: 37°C
  3. Growth Strain(s): ccdB Survival
  4. Copy number: High Copy
  1. Vector backbone: pMDC32
  2. Modifications to backbone: Arabidopsis ubiquitin 10 (AtUbi10) promoter added to pYPQ202 backbone
  3. Vector type” Plant Expression ; Gateway compatible attR1-attR2 destination vector
  4. Promoter Maize ubiquitin 1 (ZmUbi1)
  5. Selectable markers: Hygromycin
(Empty Backbone) Multisite Gateway T-DNA entry plasmid (attR1 & attR2); Zea mays Ubi1 promoter and Hygromiycin resistance marker
Cloning Information
  1. Cloning method Restriction Enzyme